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Aesthetic Medicine: Facial Rejuvenation in Madrid

Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation treatments

Facial Mesotherapy

It is a medical treatment performed through micro-injections of vitamins and other active ingredients that improve the quality of the skin to prevent and treat skin aging. Your skin will have a more hydrated, smooth, and radiant appearance.


Dermapen is an aesthetic medicine treatment that rejuvenates and improves facial skin by eliminating spots, smoothing wrinkles, reducing acne, among other benefits, thanks to the natural production of collagen and elastin. Discomfort during its application is minimal. The treatment can be performed on all skin types, including darker skin tones. Additionally, it can reach delicate areas such as eyelids, neck, or décolleté.

Chemical peel

Chemical peel, also known as dermabrasion, is a cosmetic facial rejuvenation treatment that involves the application of different chemical substances to achieve a renewal of the superficial layers of the skin. It is used to treat conditions such as acne scars and signs of aging like various types of pigmentation (melasma, sunspots, keratosis, etc.), wrinkles, and loss of luminosity. Our doctor will explain the different types of peels and help you choose the best one based on the issue you want to address.

Dra. María Olga del Corral Alberdi
Professional in charge
Dra. María Olga del Corral Alberdi

License number 282844375

We also currently collaborate with Dr. Carlos Gómez Zanabria for less invasive treatments than surgical facelifts but with similar results. He uses high-quality materials and specializes in the application of:


Fillers with hyaluronic acid or collagen inductors

Thread lifting

Dr. Carlos Gómez Zanabria
Professional in charge
Dr. Carlos Gómez Zanabria

License number 282861795

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