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Family therapy

What Does Family Therapy Involve?

Family therapy aims to restore the family balance that has been disrupted by problematic situations, achieving a functional family that allows its members to develop healthily.

The focus is not on finding the problem in one of the members, but on treating the family as a whole, as everyone influences and can contribute to the solution.

What are the most common psychological problems in children?

Sibling issues

Parental conflicts

Conflicts between parents and children

Behavioral problems in children and adolescents

Communication or cohabitation difficulties in the family

Ana Blanco

Professional in charge

Ana Blanco

Licensed Psychologist M-35077

Bachelor's degree in Psychology, UNED
Master's in General Health Psychology, University of Alcalá
Master's in Early Intervention, School of Postgraduate Psychology and Psychiatry
Master's in Child and Adolescent Psychology, School of Postgraduate Psychology and Psychiatry
Training in Mindfulness
Introduction to the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model

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