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Oncological Physiotherapy at Qsana Clinic in Madrid

At Qsana, we can assist you if you are going through this process. The main goal of oncological physiotherapy is the early recovery of the patient and the prevention of possible sequelae to achieve a higher quality of life, regardless of the patient’s condition: preventive, with controlled disease, or having already overcome the disease.”

What sequelae do we address through oncological physiotherapy treatment?

Cancer and the treatments carried out to combat this disease (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy) can lead to multiple sequelae in our body, such as:


Fibrosis, adhesions

Lack of mobility




What techniques do we use in our oncological physiotherapy treatments?

Physiotherapy employs various techniques to address these conditions. At Qsana, we specialize in:

Lymphatic drainage

Scar treatment

Therapeutic exercise

Manual therapy

First, we will conduct a personal interview to understand the phase you are in, identify your symptoms, and develop a treatment tailored to your situation. Additionally, we have a team of psychologists who will provide support if you are dealing with depression or anxiety. If you have any questions, please get in touch; we will be happy to assist you.

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