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In Qsana, we have incorporated one more tool to be more efficient in our treatments; we have a diathermy team, also known as radiofrequency or tecar therapy.

Our new FISIOWARM 7.0 400 equipment has multiple benefits. The application of electromagnetic current to biological tissue causes:

  • A reduction in inflammation because the heat generated by the current causes vasodilation, increasing the exchange of substances to carry out drainage of the inflamed area and an influence of repairing cells.

  • It has pain-relieving properties through the stimulation of endorphin production and uses high-frequency currents to biostimulate tissues with different resistance.

  • Repairing action on damaged tissues, such as muscle tears, sprains, and tendon pathologies.

  • It allows us to reach deep tissues safely and non-invasively.

It is a painless, safe, and effective therapy, the perfect combination with other physiotherapy techniques to recover from an injury and alleviate your pain.

So far, it is included in our physiotherapy sessions at no additional cost.

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