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Biomechanics of Running

The biomechanical study of running is a service we offer to assess how you run, whether your running style could cause injuries, or if you have a running-related injury, how to improve it.

What does it involve?

First, we conduct a personal interview to gather information about your health, lifestyle, injury history, and other aspects that may affect your well-being.

The second step will be to carry out an assessment on the examination table, including various strength and mobility tests, followed by a dynamic assessment to see what strategies your body employs when moving and how these can influence your running technique.

Finally, we will use the BIOMECHANICAL ANALYSIS OF RUNNING on a treadmill as the final part of the session. We will correlate the previous assessments with your running technique and the various injury risk factors we identified. This part involves analyzing the technical gesture in slow motion in different planes and starting with an initial treatment/rehabilitation proposal.

Collecting all this data will allow us to address your injury much more effectively and minimize the risk of future injuries.

The cost of the study is €89 with a duration of 2 hours. Once the study is completed, along with the various assessments, we offer you several options: In the case of an injury, address the injury first with physiotherapy and/or rehabilitation sessions. Once resolved, follow-up sessions are necessary, essential for changing the running technique, putting into practice everything the biomechanical analysis has revealed, and learning which gestures to improve with the guidance of the physiotherapist. The follow-up session costs €46 with a duration of one hour.

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